Friday Night Lights (Hall Of Fame)

Episode 34 · October 3rd, 2016 · 50 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

As part of its 10-year anniversary, we welcome "Friday Night Lights" to the Pilot Study Hall of Fame. Chris makes his case for the honor, while we also talk the changing state of football, a thankless Tami Taylor pilot role, and monkey studies (don't ask).
Coming up, we have the start of our _____ & _____ theme month.

1:30, Hall of Fame Induction
2:10, Our relationship to the show
7:20, Plot Breakdown
13:35, Kyle Chandler’s next move
16:12, Best looking athlete on the show
19:00, Specs
25:00, Role models for the community
28:52, Football changing and the show
32:24, Staging of the football
39:08, The “Street Moment”
48:45, New York Times Review