Full House & Fuller House

Episode 25 · July 17th, 2016 · 45 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

Pilot Study returns for its second season with a television endurance test of which no human should readily attempt. Yep, we're doing a "Full House"/"Fuller House" doubleheader. We talk the truly bizarre Olsen moment in the reboot, along with how both pilots are kinda, sorta the same script.
We also finish with a new feature, The IMDB Game. I put the rules below, just in case my explanation was not sufficient.
— 10 shows are given.
— Player is tasked with naming anyone (actor name) in the top 5 of the IMDB list on that show (primarily sorted by how many episodes an actor/actress has been on).
— For the top spot, you get 5 points; 2nd = 4; 3rd = 3; 4th = 2; 5th = 1. If you get the top spot, you get another guess on the same show and if you're able to guess all five in order, you can gain a maximum of 15 points.
— If the player does not guess anyone in the top 5 on first try, we move on to the next show.
— The top player at the end of the year will get a prize.